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SJG’s leadership team has its roots in commercial services, having been in the commercial service industry for decades. Our company is built on sound business principles that make up our identity as a premier commercial janitorial business. Combined, our team has more than a century of experience, positioning us as not only the most innovative company but also the best from a quality and technical perspective. We have seen a huge gap in the space in our competitors’ lack of use of technology, lackluster approach to customer service, and seemingly uncaring approach to the treatment of their team members. Our philosophy at SJG is to treat our team members with the utmost care and respect, offering team members of all levels access to exclusive benefits, healthcare, and competitive wages so that they can serve our clients with consistency, unmatched customer service, and a new level of quality.

Cleaning the Hallways



  • Women

    • At SJG, we seek to enhance and epitomize CREW’s mission of transforming the commercial real estate sector by supporting and advancing women.

  • Individuals with Disabilities

    • With so many employers turning a blind eye to the thousands of unemployed individuals due to struggles or impairments with disabilities, we have made it a mission of ours at SJG to hire, train, and accommodate individuals with disabilities throughout our management, crews, and beyond.

  • Organizations

    • IREM

    • BOMA

    • Chamber of Commerce

    • AAA

    • GNAA

    • CAI

  • Environmental Sustainability

    • Product Selection: our team of experts is always balancing the effectiveness of the products we use with the potential risk to the environment.

    • Sanitation Measures: SJG is able to offer enhanced sanitation options to ensure the highest degree of cleanliness and health for your property.

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